Maxine, the Graduate!


She did it!  Last Thursday, Maxine received her Associate of Arts degree from Nassau Community College and walked at graduation. Despite the struggle of juggling a toddler, pregnancy, and birth without the help of a partner, among other things, she still managed to do well in all of her courses. Congratulations to a true super mama!

She’s on to bigger and even better things with plans to attend Stonybrook University in the spring of 2016 with a major in Women’s Studies. Maxine’s eventual goal is to study and practice Feminist Legal Theory. Our very own Gloria Allred is on her way, folks!

Maxine inspires  me daily and I know she will continue to do GREAT things!

The graduate!

The graduate!


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One thought on “Maxine, the Graduate!

  1. Michael Steinman says:

    A glorious accomplishment. I’ve never met Maxine but I love her. And she should come and speak to our students — for pay, of course — on how to stop whining and DO SOMETHING! Thank you, Stella, for sharing this lilac vision of real work and joy with us.

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